To-Do List Maker’s Unite!

Let’s face it – life is busy. We juggle work, family, exercise, house chores and maybe some fun here and there. Trying to “fit” it all in can be overwhelming. Sure some days are better than others. I often wonder why. Why do I accomplish so much more one day than the next. This very morning it dawned on me. The days I make my to-do lists I accomplish more.

I am a list maker. There I said it. Many days I have more than one list going. That’s fine. Organization is one of the key elements to success. Wouldn’t you agree? My most productive days are when I organize and plan my day and it all starts with my calendar and to-do list.

So To-Do List maker’s unite! Share your thoughts and your strategies. Perhaps you do a daily to-do list, weekly list, monthly list or long-term goal list. Heck, maybe you do them all. Let’s here about it.


2 Responses to To-Do List Maker’s Unite!

  1. Donna says:

    I have a clipboard on my cell phone which is setup as a checklist. I have many different lists going at the same time. One might be a list to be accomplished daily and another by the end of the week and some are more long term. I even have one for food shopping. Every time I run out of an item in the house I add it to the shopping list. Lets face it, who doesn’t always have their cell phone nearby. Works for me!

  2. janine Bowden says:

    Julie,really!!! You are amazing…I can’t keep up!! You GO GIRL!!!

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